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Webinar 26

Dilemmas In Endodontic Diagnosis

Tuesday 16 November starting at 08:00 pm.

Endodontic Diagnosis

This webinar will focus on the systematic approach for establishing a definitive endodontic diagnosis, which is essential as pulpal and periapical diseases are dynamic with various signs and symptoms.

An accurate diagnosis of the patient’s condition is essential before an appropriate treatment plan can be formulated for that individual. How to incorporate high-resolution CBCT to aid in diagnosis?

Webinar 26 will be run by Dr Sarkis — prosthodontist and Dr Garima — endodontist. Both of these specialists will discuss dilemmas in endodontic diagnosis. This is a unique opportunity to learn and engage with two industry-leading practitioners.

Think And Practise Like A Specialist

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Endodontic treatment aims to preserve a tooth as a functional unit within a functioning dentition. At times, root canal treatment may not be the most appropriate therapy, and treatment plans should consider the expected prognosis and the patient’s dental condition, expectations, and wishes.

  • What questions would you ask the patient?
  • What is your diagnosis?
  • What would be your treatment plan?
  • Diagnosis, short-term and long-term treatment options
Tooth Wear Management Treatment Options
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