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Appeals Policy

I. What are Appeals?
All students of the College have the right to appeal against decisions made against them that they believe is unfair or unjust. Furthermore, students possess the right to lodge a complaint if they feel treatment that they received from staff of the College was unfair or unjust.
II. Before Lodging an Appeal
Before lodging an appeal, students should consider discussing the issue with a third, uninvolved party. This is to ensure that the issue has grounds to be dealt with by the College and is not just a complaint that should be made. It is important to keep in mind that the appeal must be lodged within six months of becoming aware of the issue. Moreover, please remain respectful when lodging an appeal.
III. Types of Appeals
An appeal is a formal opportunity for a student to have a decision reconsidered by the university. Appeals can cover a range of different decisions across the College and may include;
  1. Fee-based Decisions
  2. Student Misconduct
  3. Academic Results
  4. Academic Progress, or failure to meet progression
  5. Expulsion or Suspension from the College
IV. Appealing against Expulsion or Suspension of Enrolment
If the College informs the student of their intention to suspend or cancel their enrolment, the student has the right to lodge an appeal. While your appeal is being considered, it is up to the discretion of the College whether you can continue attending and enrolling in classes. Grounds for appeal can be based on whether there is unfair procedural hearings, the decision was outright incorrect, the penalty imposed (suspension or expulsion) was overtly extreme or inappropriate and/or there is new information that may have impacted the outcome of the decision or penalty imposed.
V. Formal Complaints
Students possess the right to lodge a formal complaint if they believe they have been unfairly or unjustly treated by a member of staff at the College. In order to lodge a complaint, please refer to the Director of the College.
VI. Limitations
According to this appeals policy, students may not lodge an appeal under the following circumstances;
  1. i. Decisions made by the College to revoke awards
  2. Decisions made by an examiner regarding the academic performance of the student in which grading is based solely on the judgement of the staff member cannot be appealed.
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