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Webinar 22

Complications When Dentistry Fails

Tuesday 21 September starting at 08:00 pm.


As patients live longer, they are presented with more complex aesthetic concerns and demands on their oral health. This webinar explores how dentists around Australia can better their diagnosis and treatment when they discover past dentistry has failed the patient.

Webinar 22 will be run by Dr Sarkis — prosthodontist and Dr Stan Boyatzis — periodontist. Dr Sarkis Nalbandian and Dr Stan Boyatzis will discuss the complexity of this treatment and the importance of correct planning to achieve a clinically satisfactory outcome. This is a unique opportunity to learn and engage with two industry-leading practitioners.

This webinar will focus on a real-world 74-year-old male patient with bridge dislodgement. Their primary concern is that their past dentistry is failing them. Dental treatment in the past has resulted in aesthetic and functional disturbance affecting their quality of life.

Think And Practise Like A Specialist

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Our webinar will explore the difficult choice of failing dentition and dentistry, especially in the healthy elderly population with heavily restored dentition now approaching in their 80s. We discuss the importance of diagnosis and treatment planning in helping our patients to simplify the treatment modalities and improve the quality of their lives with reduced financial and biological cost.

  • We explore the concept of healthy aging and helping our patients simplify their treatment
  • What factors would you consider when attending to the patient’s request?
  • What questions would you ask the patient?
  • What is your diagnosis?
  • What would be your treatment plan?

We discuss the following and more:

  • Real-world case study of a 74-year-old male with a bridge dislodgement
  • Diagnosis, short-term and long-term treatment options
Preventing & Managing Failing Dentistry
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