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Plagiarism Policy

1. According to this policy, plagiarism is the practice of utilising words or content other than one’s own without proper recognition of the original source.
2. Plagiarism involves the use or reproduction of information for submission or dissemination and includes the following;
I. Copying; this can be in the form of paragraphs, complete texts, phrases or sentences sourced from work previously released for public viewership without correct citation. The work may be published or unpublished.
II. Rephrasing or Paraphrasing; utilising the structure, intentions, ideas or information produced from a source without correct acknowledgment of its owner
III. Incorrect Citation; plagiarism includes the inappropriate or incorrect acknowledgment of the source which may involve contrived citations, incomplete references or ignoring to complete citations.
IV. Wrongful Collaboration; when a student submits or presents work that was completed in part, or in full with the assistance of a third party when it was intended to be an individual task. Students disseminating previously completed work to be reused or duplicated as well as students completing work on behalf of another is prohibited.
V. Duplication; a student reproducing their own work that has previously been published or submitted without acknowledging its prior use and/or utilising referencing.
VI. Cheating in Examinations
3. Authorised Collaboration or Co operation is permitted when; the task criteria outlines group collaboration, discussion of ideas and information or informalgroup study. Despite this, if a group member is unfairly disadvantaged then the action becomes wrongful. Consequences when caught practicing Plagiarism Academic malpractice and misconduct are taken very seriously, and consequences will differ according to the circumstance. Outcomes may result in expulsion.

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